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Would you like to use your own shells? Check out our shell glue or the bring your own shells kit.


We recommend that you have at least a full weekend at your disposal to finish a kit.

Estimated time? That depends on how thorough you are putting your final detailing touch to your own Shell mirror. 


If you have small children, be careful that they do not put shells in their mouths.

Shell Mirror DIY Kit

Introducing the Shellman Seashell Mirror DIY Kit


Have you ever wanted to try making shell art? Here is your chance!

We have curated the perfect DIY craft kit with a tempting selection of sea shells for you to make your own unique shell mirror – Shellman style!

It includes everything you need to make a stunning 40 x 50 shell mirror: well beyond thousands of sea shells, curated by Shellman in sizes from tiny to big. Frame base and mirror glass are also part of the kit box.

You will have step-by-step instructions, both written and video, leading you all the way to a shell mirror completed by your hands.


Scroll down for instructions or click here.

€ 300

Shell highlights includes 

  • Murex shells

  • Lambis shells

  • Large scallops

  • Handpicked cockles from Shellman’s local shores

  • Small pink murex shells

  • Olive shells

  • Shiny small abalone shells

 And over 30 other kinds of shells for you to put a personal touch on your mirror.

How to make a seashell mirror
Shellman style

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