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Our Amsterdam showroom and studio is located on Overtoom 479. Just on the north west side of the lovely Vondelpark. You’re very welcome to visit! When Shellman Buster is working on shell projects the studio is open. But to be on the safe side, please make an appointment. Call ‭+31 6 25 56 08 16‬ or submit the form below.  


The Shellman Amsterdam showroom is easy to reach by tram line 1. It’ll take you to Rhijnvis Feithstraat station.

From there it’s just a two-minute walk.

Make an appointment

Thank you, we will get back to you asap!


As Shellman Scandinavia we’ve run our creative shell art studio in Helsingborg, south Sweden since 2018. Prior to that Shellman was run by our tutor, mentor and very good friend, Dutch shell artist Niels van Alphen on Overtoom 479 in central Amsterdam. As we open up a second studio on that same address again we close the circle. Shellman Amsterdam is now operated by Shellman Buster Eriksson.

Check out the shell art we’ve created since 2018. You’ll find it at Available Pieces and even more inspiration under Portfolio. Also, check out how you go about to order a Commission work.

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