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As Shellman Scandinavia we’ve run our shell art studio since 2018 – in Helsingborg, south Sweden. Shellman has now opened a second studio in Amsterdam. When visiting Overtoom 479 you will meet Swedish shell artist Buster Eriksson and some fantastic shell art.

You’ll find our shell art under Available Pieces and even more inspiration under Portfolio.

Also, check out how to order a Commission work.

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Overtoom 479 is on the north west side of the lovely Vondelpark. You’re welcome to visit!

The showroom is easy to reach by tram line 1. It’ll take you to Rhijnvis Feithstraat station.

From there it’s just a two-minute walk.

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Shellman Studio & Showroom

Overtoom 479

1054 LE Amsterdam

The Netherlands

‭+31 20 854 32 29‬

Open hours

12 – 18
Monday – Saturday

If you would like to visit at another time please give us a call or use the form below.

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