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One large piece of Gorgonia sea fan in a bespoke Swedish spruce frame and behind art glass, which limits reflections to a minimum. Our beautifully framed Gorgonia Ventalina, also known as the Purple Sea Fan, offers a unique and sophisticated piece of marine art that captures the essence of the underwater world.


Authentic Gorgonia Ventalina: Hand-selected for its intricate beauty and vibrant hues, this sea fan is a genuine piece of the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea.
Expertly Preserved: Through a meticulous preservation process, the delicate structure and vivid colors of the sea fan are maintained, ensuring a lasting and striking display.
Elegant Framing: Encased in a high-quality, custom frame, designed to complement any decor style.

Why a Framed Gorgonia Ventalina?

Unique Decor Piece: Unlike conventional art, each sea fan has its own unique shape and pattern, ensuring your piece is one-of-a-kind.
Versatile Style: Perfect for home, office, or as a focal point in any room, its natural elegance fits seamlessly with both modern and traditional interiors.
Conversational Artwork: Not just a beautiful piece, but also a conversation starter, bringing stories of the ocean and marine life into your home.


75 x 75 cm (29.5" x 29.5")

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