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Have you ever wanted to try doing shell art? Here is your chance!

We’ve put together an exiting shell craft kit for you.


The "Bring Your Own Shells" kit includes everything you need, except shells, to make a stunning 40 x 50 shell mirror: Shell glue, frame base, mirror glass, back board and haning hardware are also part of the kit box.


But I dont have enough shells!?

No problem! The kit is also available with a curated selection of sea shells.


Instructions - How to make a sea shell mirror


We recommend that you have at least a full weekend at your disposal to finish a frame.

Estimated time? That depends on how thorough you are putting your final detailing touch to your own Shell mirror. 

Seashell Mirror Craft Kit - BYOS

95,00 €Price
    • Pre-cut and pre-painted frame and back piece.

    • Shellman shell glue – one filled up working bottle, one refill.

    • Mirror and sealant

    • Hanging hardware

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